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September 15, 2019


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Available Voodoo Spells that are Potent

When you hear the word Voodoo, you immediately associate it with something that hurts other people. People have this idea due to the dearth of information regarding the history of Voodoo. Hexes and curses are not the only things you get from Voodoo magic, and that is an important fact others must know. Before anything else, some information must be discussed first. Africa is the point of origin for Voodoo where it was adhered to as a religion, people taken from the continent took the practices with them in their new land. Some of their Voodoo practices melded with Western Christianity’s practices, when some of them were forced to convert.

When you do some witchcraft it is like doing an art and when you do some Voodoo it is like observing some religious activity, together they similarly control otherworldly things for various purposes and intents. When it is something done for the good of everybody it is called white magic. Black magic refers to the usage of witchcraft for personal gain or to the benefit of the few only. Every act of witchcraft comes with a consequence, so they have to be carefully considered and done. The person must consider if it is something he or she can be responsible for.

If there is somebody that really harms you, you can perform a banishing spell to stop them. If there is another person that for example constantly punches you, a binding spell can stop them from punching you again. A binding spell can also be used on yourself like preventing yourself from spending money beyond your means. There are also protective spells you can use for instances like travelling to a new place, to keep you from harm.

Crossing and uncrossing are other forms of magic in Voodoo. Negative energies are given to a person through crossing. On the other hand, uncrossing is the act of removing the curse from a person. Foot track magic, another form of Voodoo, allows the practitioner to discourage trespassers by scattering a magical powder that gives negative effects to those that try to do so.

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If you are looking for free voodoo spells, you will surely like this love knot spell, which calls for knotting a string and at the same time saying your desires for you and your partner. By wearing a jewelry of your birthstone, you perform a simple beauty spell to preserve your youthful glow and vigor. If you want to become more alluring to others then you can try the simple beauty spell of doing a rose bath. You can also try this other beauty spell to improve your looks, during spring time place a small bowl along the grass to collect morning dew that you have to apply to your face and other visible body parts.