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May 17, 2019


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How to Start a Brand

Branding is a difficult process that involves building a unique branding image, perceived as an integrated whole and allure customers to buy a product. When you are starting a business checklist, you need to get help from professionals like Ramesh Dontha. You should read about starting a brand on this page.

Identify your target market. The first step towards building a brand is determining your target audience. You need to keep in mind who you are going to reach to then tailor a mission and message that suits them. To know who your exact audience is, determine their behavior and lifestyle. Knowing who you are targeting affects and benefits the entire aspects of the process of building your brand.

Ensure you establish a mission statement. You should come up with a clear expression of areas in which your brand is passionate. Before getting to a point where your target audience will trust, make sure you know the value your business offers. A mission statement expresses the reason your brand exists and informs each area of your brand development strategies. Everything including your message, tagline, personality, and voice should reflect your mission.

Research your competitors. Ensure you do not emulate exactly what other companies do. However, ensure you are informed about what they fail in or achieve best. This ensures you have differentiated you from your contestants. Research your main competitors, for example, how they built their brand name. Studying your competitor is vital in brand development. Create a brand competitor spreadsheet in order to compare. You should consider a competitor’s methods of marketing, social mentions, products, and adherence to visual and messaging identity.

You should settle for brand colors and fonts. You need to know how you are going visually to represent your company. Apart from defining your brand’s look, colors also help you to be consistent across the whole brand. Choose colors that differentiate you from competitors to avoid confusing clients. In addition, ensure you decide the fonts for your web. You should select two different fonts; one for the body texts and another for headings.

Write a slogan. It is critical to have a slogan that attracts attention. It should be brief and descriptive so you can put it on website headline, business card, Twitter bio, and anywhere needing a few words for greater impact.

Ensure you design your logo. A logo is vital in brand creation as it is the face of your company and will be almost everywhere that your brand is. You should consider a logo which is identifiable, one of its kind and scalable so that it can work for all sizes.