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January 30, 2019


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Things to Consider When the Parent Dies to Avoid the Loss of Estate
In every year over 2 millions of people die in the US. Much responsibilities are transferred to the children if the parents are gone. Although this might sound like a good thing as it shows trust by the parents, it is stressful if there are debts that you have to deal with. A time like this any haste to planning and conclusion do more harm than good.

What should you do if you are left as the Executor by the parents. An executor is supposed to make sure that in case there is any financial burden that is existing it has been paid before the sharing of the property commences. Taking the will to the court for approval is the will of the executor. Nevertheless, if the trustees have differences, there is a need to choose the court process of proving the will. In the court, the executor will have to file papers demonstrating that the will is legal.

Have the right papers with. Searching for the file is the first thing to do. You look for the will in the well-kept files or maybe you find it with a lawyer. The authority must let you know when you can start the process of executing the estates whether with a will or without. Be sure that the medical expert has filed the death announcement before take over your responsibility. Ensure through you the insurance company, mortgage company and credit cards have the copies of the death certificate to prove the death of the person. If there is anything that you need to be in possession for the deceased make sure you do so to make your work easier like the vehicle registration, credit card statements, and the social security card.

Seek for help from professionals. It’s necessary that you hire a professional of specific areas like a financial consultant, insurance agent and an estate lawyer.

End the payments. A reports should be given to the companies that were carrying on with the charges for the deceased. In case of any subscription you have to terminate it, inform the creditors and other people that may be owing to the deceased if the situation.

Pay all the creditors. You need to know who much the parent owned other people and even companies to that you can pay them. If there is a debt, you can sell the house or the car to settle down the debts.

Merge the properties. It would be good that you plan it well that you will be able to account for the cash in and cash out.

Distribute assets and maintain health communication. This should be done according to the will and the beneficiaries should be aware of the strategy of distributing. From there, make sure that you close the estate with the court.